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Marj and Sam 2006







I watch you write letters of Christmas.

Your heart guides the point of your pen,

As it renders sp
eech to intangible feelings

(hydroactive feelings)

That ebb, rest, or flow,

tides of the sea of life in many forms….

Lakes of familiarity, influential factors fixed….

Gushing springs of renewal, resource cisterns calm and cool….

Sometimes floods swell, bursting in passion….

Rivers of sweet hope meander

toward their destinations….

And above them all, the sharing mode

of love’s gentle rain:

All distilled by you into incomparable

gifting messages of vibrant

and warm expression

That happily ripple and enrich the same waters

of the people who receive them!

*      *     *

(I admiringly wish you rewarding holidays.)

Sam 12/18/07

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