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In Crete

In Crete I am a sponge of many mouths
that consumes the menu of Crete.

Sky of vibrant blue, the temperamental seas

Held at bay (but not always) by borders
of rocky coasts.

The rocks themselves, here’s pebbles, there’s mountains,
cream and white.

As though bleached by the majestic sun

That makes its presence known by temperature
and by light.

It follows its daily path with dignity, reliability
and with strength,

Like a Cretan dancer.

I consume the very air.

I can somehow taste its clarity,

even as I feel

its constant caress.

Kalathas Beach down the road from Plakoures

At  Ayia Triada Monastery with Kyriakos Stratigakis and cousin Maria next to

the crypt of Bishop Gerassimos who was an uncle.

Viewing the mountains of Kissamou

with Marika Draboukakis and Argyro Kokovlis

Gazoza at the Chania limani with Harilao Stratigakis

In Plakoures 1971 with Stratigakis, sister Helen and mother Anthe

With grandson Spyros at the Chania limani

In Plakoures with Dimos, Eleutheris, Manolis, Takis, Spyros and Harilao

With Yeorgia Stratigakis

On the promentory of Aptera overlooking Souda Bay to one side and Vutetakis’ ancestral Kephala on the other.  This was a 12th century nunnery chapel sitting on top of Roman cisterns and Hellenistic ruins.

One of Sam’s favorite places to visit

with the layers of history and stunning vistas.

Sam’s favorite picture of Kyriako’s grapes which they would sit under.

He had this photo made into a poster which is still in his room

With Kyriako under the grapes.

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