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Posts under ‘Stories about Sam’

An Interview With Mrs Allen

– Mrs Allen with Spyros Vutetakis, recorded 1975 My father, Spyros  (Sam) Vutetakis, passed away November 27, 2009.  He was an unusual man in many ways; his sense of history centered around people as individuals and the power each of us have to influence history in both action and speech.  In the last few months […]

Perk and Wally Jackson

– – Four years ago, I received a most unusual package.  The return address was Ft. Stockton, San Diego.  It was a small heavy box and it rattled like tire chains.  What a wonderful surprise!  Sam’s sea glass collection!  He knew my favorite walks took me along the Avalon, NJ beaches to hunt for these […]

Our Megalos Family

– – …we first met Sam on a dessert line at a potluck supper at St. Sophia’s church in Albany, 50+ years ago.  When I turned to him and asked if he would consider going “halfies” with me on a particular dessert, he agreed; and all four of us shared that sweet. We shared shared […]

Weed it and Reap

– – Growing up, I often noticed my father’s dog-eared copy of Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening laying about in handy locations with scraps of paper marking pages.  He was a devoted organic gardener who discovered the earth at the age of 30 and incorporated it into his life from then forward.  The key to his gardening […]

Out of This World

– – Written by Spyros Vutetakis, October 6, 2006 to George  and  Marien Kissling .  .  . I recently began composing a poem about you as “angels”, reflecting my impression of your behavior. But Marj opined that would engender a focus “out of this world”, and she was right (as usual). So, instead, I hereby […]

Coffeehouse Culture

While attending to my father’s convalescence and physical therapy, we have had an opportunity to catch up on various stories of family history and the shared passion for understanding our human traditions.  One of the memories he described was his father Dimitri’s coffee house in Canton, Ohio.  Before opening in Canton in 1925, he had […]


….Sprocket became especially close with my father and would speak to him with well timed meows.  Intuitively, they would know what each other wanted, only needing to exchange a glance or at most a specific meow for each activity. Excerpt from The Vegetarian Guy Blog by George Vutetakis (CLICK HERE to see entire article )

A Story of Two Brothers

Dave Vutetakis visited Sam in July of 2009.  For weeks prior to the visit, Sam spoke about how he wanted to personally share this story with Dave about his father, George. Here it is… My father wrote this poem for Dave about the encounter in 2008: David – Although it somehow dwindled, George and I […]