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Posts under ‘Sam’s Poetry’

Out of This World

– – Written by Spyros Vutetakis, October 6, 2006 to George  and  Marien Kissling .  .  . I recently began composing a poem about you as “angels”, reflecting my impression of your behavior. But Marj opined that would engender a focus “out of this world”, and she was right (as usual). So, instead, I hereby […]

Wedding Bells

– – Marjorie, come, The bells have rung! 53 times our song has sung. It’s clear to all, and not just some That our long great venture has made us one. With each other in spirit we’ve danced, Fueled, and steeled, by love and devotion’s stance which blossomed from a cliff-climbing Ozark romance. Beginning with […]


– The skies of our minds contain everything, and are open to even more. The suns of their consciousness shine greatly and warmly not only on generic relationships, (they are unique and interesting) But wonderfully on the bonds of friendship, Which have developed and been earned over time through the channels of relationships…. Now, we […]

Last Writes

  This lightning rod from heaven enlights a long mile in one bright second. The fragrance of a thousand flowers dominates acres of hope, attracting                               from everywhere  instruments of procreation,       the thankful bees and insects gifted with taste. The birds’ flights of freedom, the peace among them…  notably as neighbors  on the ground and […]

My Heart

  My heart, bird of the wilderness, has found its sky in your eyes. They are the cradle of the morning, they are the kingdom of the stars. My songs are lost in their depths. Let me but soar into that sky, … in its lonely immensity. Let me but cleave its clouds, and spread […]