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Posts under ‘Memorial’

Kala Kristouyana

– – This Christmas will be the first without my beloved father and mentor.  To his family and many others his reach stretched well beyond his physical presence and into our psyche as well as giving us definitions of perspective.  Through simple loving, joking and generous actions of his daily life, he helped many, many […]

From Sally and Oley Olson

– – One of Oley’s most treasured books is “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran , a Christmas present from Sam in 1946.  On the inside cover Sam wrote: To Oscar Olson, the personification of the chapter on friendship— “And a youth said, Speak to us of Friendship.  And he answered, saying: your friend is your […]

A Memorial Poem For Spyros

– – This poem is dedicated to my late father-n-law, Spyros. Those who knew him well considered him a hero. This man was of Cretan descent, and made sure others knew how important that meant. He cared about his family, animals, and others in need, and would have given the shirt off his back with […]

Name Day for Spyros

– – Today is the Name Day for Spyros.  Instead of celebrating birthdays, Greek Orthodox tradition celebrates the day of the saint one is named after.  In this case it is Saint Spyridon, the patron saint of potters.  Originally from Cyprus, he became the patron saint of Corfu where his body is taken on an […]

Spyros “Breath of God”

Spyros is a name with ancient roots.  It meant “breath of the gods” and, in the Christian era,  gods became “God.”  How fitting it was for my father when he discovered the local Greek Orthodox church in San Diego to be named St. Spyridon, the patron saint of Corfu. My father lived up to the […]

Humanity and Humor

  To his family, he was a beloved husband, father and grandfather whose undying support will stay with us as long as we live.  To most people who gained his acquaintance, he was a remarkable human being who lived life with honesty, humility and kindness beyond external political or religious restrictions.  He had an uncanny […]