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Posts under ‘Memorial’

Skordalia and Family in KPHTH Magazine

November 2018 article by George Vutetakis

Coffeehouse Traditions- KPHTH Magazine

Marjorie and Sam

  Giving thanks. They made a difference in this world, enriching the lives of those around them with their kindness and generosity. Marjorie – 1929 to  November 7, 2015 Spyros “Sam” – 1921 to November 27, 2009

53 times

Marjorie, come, The bells have rung! 53 times our song has sung. It’s clear to all, and not just some That our long great venture has made us one. With each other in spirit we’ve danced, Fueled, and steeled, by love and devotion’s stance which blossomed from a cliff-climbing Ozark romance. Beginning with Nietzsche and […]

Birthday Poem

This is a very special birthweek, featuring the arrival on earth of such eminent human beings as the Reverend Martin Luther King, the Reverend Oscar Olson, and, Marjorie, you.   And your paths in life have since crossed. There was the occasion, when you were 21, of Reverend Olson uniting you to fortunate me, the first […]


– Today was a cold damp day. My painter friend showed up about 10am. Mary Cay and I finished the kitchen and started on a garden room / breezeway at the back of the house. I had your photo gallery up and sat down to take a look. As I scrolled through each photo I […]

A Favorite Quote

– Your days are short here; This is the last days of your springs. And now in the serenity and quiet Of this lovely place, touch the depths Of truth, feel the hem of Heaven. You will go away with old, good friends. And don’t forget when you leave why you came. ~Adlai Stevenson

Birthday Appreciation

– – Yesterday, I looked out my window to see a hummingbird hovering just outside the window.  It was only for twenty seconds, but it was a long pause for a hummingbird.  My father loved feeding hummingbirds, he always had feeders hanging around his homes. Since his death, I often think about and see things […]

Perk and Wally Jackson

– – Four years ago, I received a most unusual package.  The return address was Ft. Stockton, San Diego.  It was a small heavy box and it rattled like tire chains.  What a wonderful surprise!  Sam’s sea glass collection!  He knew my favorite walks took me along the Avalon, NJ beaches to hunt for these […]

Our Megalos Family

– – …we first met Sam on a dessert line at a potluck supper at St. Sophia’s church in Albany, 50+ years ago.  When I turned to him and asked if he would consider going “halfies” with me on a particular dessert, he agreed; and all four of us shared that sweet. We shared shared […]