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Birthday Poem

Marjorie finding beauty

San DIego 1106 089

This is a very special birthweek, featuring the

arrival on earth of such eminent human beings as the

Reverend Martin Luther King, the Reverend Oscar Olson,

and, Marjorie, you.   And your paths in life have

since crossed.

There was the occasion, when you were 21, of

Reverend Olson uniting you to fortunate me, the

first time he presided over this important process.

Then there was the memorable 1967 sermon in

the Cleveland Antioch church by Dr King, which you

attended, when you were both 38.  There was visible

only one other white woman amidst the congregation

of hundreds, which is a tribute to you as well as your

presence then was to Dr King.

So now you are 75, three-quarters of the way Home.

May your way be sunny with health, and flowered with love,

as by these Primroses.  And may the attached coins, such as

your ancestors used, be the root of riches to come.

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