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Birthday Appreciation

Yesterday, I looked out my window to see a hummingbird hovering just outside the window.  It was only for twenty seconds, but it was a long pause for a hummingbird.  My father loved feeding hummingbirds, he always had feeders hanging around his homes. Since his death, I often think about and see things that would be nice to share with him, just as he shared with me.
During the last few months I have started to collect and catalog the numerous writings, poems, photos, audio recordings and videos my dad left us.  It is a treasure trove of family information, human inspirations and expressions of love for the life he lived.  Hearing his voice and seeing him in these videos reminds me of what a generous individual he was.  My brother, mother, son and every friend or relative he knew experienced it.  It wasn’t always obvious, he had a way of making others feel good through humor and compliments, without pretense.
On this anniversary of his birth, we celebrate his life and the significant gifts he so generously shared. ~gv

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