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A Veteran of WWII


I am an infantry combat veteran of WWII, and do not easily cry, but

I cry as I read of the personal lives of our latest soldiers to needlessly die,
as I gaze on their youthful faces.

I feel for their parents who had hoped,
I feel for the widows, who too had hoped,
and I cry for their small children.

My heart is heavy
because they shouldn’t be in Iraq in the first place!

I cry as they die.

Written by Sam Vutetakis
April 9, 2004

Sam was a proud veteran of two overseas tours during World War II.  Both deployments affected his life deeply.  The first tour was “overseas” in Alaska, where he saw no combat, but developed a lifelong love and respect for mountainous wilderness.

Combat Incident

John returned from a patrol amused.

A German had approached him with arms up,
to surrender.

And John shot him:

“You should have seen the look on his face!”
he tells us, laughing.

I pondered, and thought of the German man’s mother:


Spyros Vutetakis 1945

The second was in the 3rd Army, 71st Division, 14th Regiment as an infantry soldier in France and Germany.  There,  he witnessed the intensity of combat, the horrors of war and the horrific results of the holocaust.  This front-line experience was the basis of his life-long conviction that peace was the right course for humanity, at all cost.  At every opportunity he would write, attend protests and talk about the value and sanctity of a human life.   He did this with a deep philosophical understanding, benevolent humor and a kind heart. gv

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