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A Story of Two Brothers

Dave Vutetakis visited Sam in July of 2009.  For weeks prior to the visit, Sam spoke about how he wanted to personally share this story with Dave about his father, George. Here it is…

My father wrote this poem for Dave about the encounter in 2008:

David –

Although it somehow dwindled, George and I were great brothers
for over fifty years.

One particular highlight soared and expressed itself
with the eloquence of rarity, as follows.

During the War in Europe, George and I were both
in Army frontline combat,

We were in different companies, among the million soldiers
milling and confronting the Germans.

Neither of us knew where the other was fighting,
not even whether in France or Germany.

But a miracle happened  =  one day we met on a battlefield!!

Neither could believe our eyes, looking at his  grimy brother.

Ah, we were able to spend about two hours together,
absorbing the wonderful sight and sound of each other.

Until we had to part, and resume fighting the Germans.

We did not meet again until the War was over,
and we were home again.

But that battlefield meeting remained precious
and unforgettable.


Dave wrote a song for his dad and performed beautifully it for Sam in the Summer of 2009. To watch it, click on the link:

My Dad by Dave Vutetakis

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