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53 times

San DIego 1106 095

Marjorie, come,
The bells have rung!
53 times our song has sung.
It’s clear to all, and not just some
That our long great venture has made us one.

With each other in spirit we’ve danced, Fueled, and steeled, by love and devotion’s stance which blossomed from a cliff-climbing Ozark romance.

Beginning with Nietzsche and tree-hugging Wooster, to the Inn Season Cafe’,
From Morgantown to Pleasant St to Guilderland
to Ingleside Rd to Atwood, aye,
Through the burgs of Pitts and Harris, Pennsylvaniay, You have hung in there with me the entire way.

And now, whence?

Well, let’s dine at Lily’s Seafood Cafe’ hence also enjoy The Cooler’s humor thence. next to Marino’s food events.

Through it all, I confirm that (despite the domino effect) I loved you in the past, do so in the present, and shall do so in the future tense.

(As was said about West Virginia’s mountain water, Marj, it’s just plain common sense!)


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